Safe & On Time, Every Time is a performance initiative directed towards C. R. England drivers to help motivate and track their performance throughout their driving career. The program is organized in 4 areas, personal performance, team performance, compensation bonuses, and performance incentives, all of which will be accessible through C. R. England’s mobile application for iOS and Android, CREToolbox.

The business strategy behind this initiative is to motivate weekly on the job performance by incentivizing drivers who meet their goals with pay increases and swag. Put simply, when a driver meets their weekly driving goals circled around safety practices and efficient driving for an entire month, they receive a bonus the following month as well as awards points which can be saved up and redeemed for swag items.


Nothing like this had existed yet at C. R. England so our kickoff consisted of several brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders, leadership, operations, marketing, development, and design (me). Below are a few wireframe sketches and early mockups that were produced out of these sessions.

SOT Dashboard Sketches
SOT Form Sketches


Prior to breaking the project down into development tickets, I designed an interactive prototype to ensure that the product was on-point with the business requirements.

See the prototype for yourself!

Final Design

website-shots_CRE S&OT Feature


We’ve only just released this feature to our drivers and are currently planning various stages of usability testing.