Selected Works, The Very Finest!

Valle Nevado Ski Resort Advertising

Ad designs for Valle Nevado Ski Resort in Chile, published in Snowboard, Free Skier, and SKI Magazines.

Brighton Resort Advertising

Ad designs for Bright Resort in Utah, published in various trade publications around Salt Lake City.

Utah Co-Op Market Identity

Complete brand identity for the Utah Co-Op Market in Salt Lake City.

East High School Identity and Communication

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design.

Highland High School Identity and Communication

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design.

West High School Identity and Communication

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design.

School Choice Catalog Campaign for the Families of Salt Lake City

Catalog designs for Salt Lake City School District, distributed by mail to all families within the district’s boundaries.

Shaffer Metal Fab Identity and Communication

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design for Shaffer Metal Fab. located in Sidney, Ohio.

Salt Lake City Schools Flyers, Posters, and Signage

Everyday communication pieces for salt lake city schools.


Why hello there!

I’m glad you’re here. My name is Andy Shaffer and I’m a creative director, designer, and developer in Salt Lake City, Utah where I constantly pursue new ways to blend technology & storytelling.

Currently, I’m accountable for the visual manifestation of the Salt Lake City School District’s strategic message to the community, where I design and direct communication efforts for all departments, schools, and programs. Leading over 300 print and web content editors across 60 internal teams, we consistently reach a public audience of over 30,000 and an internal staff of 3,500 personnel.

My wife and I also own and operate a small mom-and-pop design shop called Shaffer Creative Works where we provide creative leadership for the complete design process including market research, conception/prototyping, development and implementation of all projects, in all areas of visual communication. Some of our clients include Brighton Mountain Resort in Utah, Valle Nevado Ski Resort in Chile, Utah Co-Op Markets, and Fortune 500 – Owens-Illinois.

So don’t be shy, let’s be friends and make something remarkable!

  • Andy exemplifies the qualities of being a team player. He is able to navigate and collaborate with challenging and demanding individuals as well as groups to create excellent websites that communicate effectively and professionally the mission and character of our schools.

    Kenneth Grover | Education Director | Salt Lake City School District
  • It has been my pleasure to work with Andy over the last 8 years at the Brighton Resort. As an instructor and trainer for the Brighton Snowsports, Andy has also been consulting and collaborating with the resort in regards to marketing, graphic, and web design. Andy is professional, reliable, trust worthy and a true team player while sharing his experience and knowledge from other lines of professions.

    Bill Novak | Snowsports Operations Director | Brighton Mountain Resort, Utah
  • Andy has made a significant positive difference in our district through his excellent vision and expertise in our websites and other public media.

    Craig Ruesch | Executive Director of Human Resources | Salt Lake City School District
  • Andy helped us to create and design an entire website completely from scratch in just a few weeks. He did an excellent job and I could not be happier with his work and creativity. He makes great recommendations and offers plenty of ideas for projects. He is very personable, prompt and reliable.

    Lisa Delp | Program Coordinator | University of Toledo
  • Andy has an outstanding ability understand the needs and goals of those he works with, and the expertise to help them succeed.

    Larry Madden | Director of Salt Lake Center for Science Education | Salt Lake City School District
  • Andy is the real deal and I look forward to the next project I need him on!

    Denny Schaffer | Host of The Denny Schaffer Radio Show
  • Thank you so much for putting this new website together! It has never looked so neat and organized before.

    Trey Imamura | Student Body President | West High School
  • Thanks for your reply and your sincere desire to give the people what they want. Its people like you who make branding nice. Your project is a nice undertaking and I can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next.

    K. Kalian | Community Member concerning East, Highland, and West High Branding Projects