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Safe & On Time, Every Time

Safe & On Time, Every Time is a performance initiative directed towards C. R. England drivers to help motivate and track their performance throughout their driving career.

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Selected Works

C. R. England

UX/UI for a suite of enterprise-level digital tools and mobile apps, as well as public facing email and web design for C. R. England.

Sorenson Media

Complete brand identity, stationery, printed marketing materials, email campaigns, web design, and more for Sorenson Media.

Sorenson Media Clients

Various advanced TV concepts proposed to potential clients of Sorenson Media including Interactive TV Portals and Dynamic TV Ad Overlays.


Complete brand identity, stationery, and web design for Continuum, a subsidiary of Sorenson Media.


Complete brand identity, stationery, and web design for Attrix, a subsidiary of Sorenson Media.

Bear Scar Designs

Brand identity, business cards, web design and development, photography, and social media planning for Bear Scar Designs.

Utah Co-Op Market

Complete brand identity for the Utah Co-Op Market in Salt Lake City.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

Ad designs for Valle Nevado Ski Resort in Chile, published in Snowboard, Free Skier, and SKI Magazines.

Shaffer Metal Fab

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design for Shaffer Metal Fab. located in Sidney, Ohio.

East High School

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design.

Highland High School

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design.

West High School

Complete brand identity, website, and social media design.


Why hello there!

I’m glad you’re here. My name is Andy Shaffer and I’m a creative director, designer, and developer in Salt Lake City, Utah where I constantly pursue new ways to blend technology & storytelling.

I currently hold the position of Sr. Interaction Designer at C. R. England, where I’m redefining our UX process from the ground up around user-centered, data-driven design practices to support a suite of digital tools that manage 8,000 drivers, 6,000 CDL students, 5,000 tractors, and 9,000 trailers. I also focus on mending relationships between creative and business units that had previously been burnt by organizing and advocating for company-wide design coordination and adherence to design standards.

Previously, I built and lead the in-house creative team at Sorenson Media, and oversaw visual consistency of brand elements & graphics across all mediums and product initiatives while working closely with the marketing and business solution teams to implement advertising, social media, video, and email strategies.

Prior to that, I directed communications design for the Salt Lake City School District’s departments, schools, and programs, as well as led over 300 print and web content editors across 60 internal teams, which consistently reached a public audience of over 30,000 and an internal staff of 3,500 personnel.


Don’t be shy, let’s be friends and make something remarkable!

  • You have both been AMAZING!!!!! Your dedication and commitment has been exemplary and the quality of your work outstanding. I couldn’t be happier and prouder to have you both on our team! This is just the start but we couldn’t have done this without the 2 of you!

    Marcus Liassides | CEO | Sorenson Media
  • Hey, just want to say thanks for all you do. I know you probably don’t hear it enough, but I really appreciate you and all your hard work. Your passion really comes out in your work, and I can definitely see it. Grateful to have you here!

    Danielle Smithen | Product Manager | C.R. England
  • Andy exemplifies the qualities of being a team player. He is able to navigate and collaborate with challenging and demanding individuals as well as groups to create excellent websites that communicate effectively and professionally the mission and character of our schools.

    Kenneth Grover | Education Director | Salt Lake City School District
  • Andy is an exceptionally talented creative designer. He is able to understand the strategy, design incredible creative that delivers on the strategy, and gets things done quickly and on schedule. As we evaluated everything from a name change, a new logo, and a complete brand re-design, Andy always came up with powerful options that everyone loved. He is great to work with and very professional — definitely an A player.

    Tom Roberts | Chief Marketing Officer | Sorenson Media
  • It has been my pleasure to work with Andy over the last 8 years at the Brighton Resort. As an instructor and trainer for the Brighton Snowsports, Andy has also been consulting and collaborating with the resort in regards to marketing, graphic, and web design. Andy is professional, reliable, trust worthy and a true team player while sharing his experience and knowledge from other lines of professions.

    Bill Novak | Snowsports Operations Director | Brighton Mountain Resort, Utah
  • Andy has made a significant positive difference in our district through his excellent vision and expertise in our websites and other public media.

    Craig Ruesch | Executive Director of Human Resources | Salt Lake City School District
  • Andy is a great designer with a diverse skill set. He has the drive and ability to take on any design challenge. He has done everything from creating brand identities, to designing and developing websites, to designing entire office spaces. He always pushes the boundaries and makes projects exciting. You can count on him to have out-of-the-box ideas and contagious energy when brainstorming projects. He is especially good at using design to tell stories and connect with people. I highly recommend Andy as he would be a valuable asset to any team.

    Stacy Beatty | Creative Team Manager | Sorenson Media
  • Andy helped us to create and design an entire website completely from scratch in just a few weeks. He did an excellent job and I could not be happier with his work and creativity. He makes great recommendations and offers plenty of ideas for projects. He is very personable, prompt and reliable.

    Lisa Delp | Program Coordinator | University of Toledo
  • I want to thank you both for all your hard work on this slide deck. I know it’s taken many long nights and weekend days (particularly for you Andy) to get it done but it looks fantastic!! You should both be very proud of the result. Only problem now is that we’ve set the bar so high that everything will need to look that good.

    Brian Jentz | SVP Marketing | Sorenson Media
  • I’ve worked with Andy on a bunch of different projects. His attention to detail is priceless. He knows what looks good and understands the importance of branding and the different mediums he works with. His experience and eye for design would benefit anyone looking to take advantage of his skill set.

    Brandon Butters | UI/UX Engineer | Sorenson Media
  • Andy is one of the most creative designers I know. While at Sorenson Media managed numerous projects simultaneously and senior leadership exceeded expectations each time. Aside from his technical skill, he is a great coworker. He is optimistic and always looking for ways to help others out. I would recommend him to anyone, any day.

    Dan LeFevre | Marketing Analytics Manager | Sorenson Media
  • Andy has an outstanding ability understand the needs and goals of those he works with, and the expertise to help them succeed.

    Larry Madden | Director of Salt Lake Center for Science Education | Salt Lake City School District
  • Andy is the real deal and I look forward to the next project I need him on!

    Denny Schaffer | Host of The Denny Schaffer Radio Show
  • I worked closely with Andy for a over a year at Sorenson Media. He’s a top-notch graphic designer. He has great creative solutions to design tasks, but he can also work well with internal clients in fulfilling someone else’s creative vision. I was often one of those clients and Andy was very anxious to understand and execute my vision. One of Andy’s greatest strengths is that he can fit any company culture out there. He has a very empathetic, caring character. I give him my high recommendation.

    Sam Petersen | Content Marketing Manager | Sorenson Media
  • Andy is a rare breed. He is dripping with talent and ability, and he is continually working to hone his craft. He is a master at thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh and innovative ways to approach challenges. In the three years that we have worked together, I have watched him face huge challenges with an unflappable grace. I have profound respect for him as both a colleague and a person.

    Dave Barrington | Web Developer | Sorenson Media
  • Thank you so much for putting this new website together! It has never looked so neat and organized before.

    Trey Imamura | Student Body President | West High School
  • Thanks for your reply and your sincere desire to give the people what they want. Its people like you who make branding nice. Your project is a nice undertaking and I can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next.

    K. Kalian | Community Member concerning East, Highland, and West High Branding Projects
  • I worked with Andy at Sorenson Media. He is an incredibly knowledgeable designer, fluent in just about every program a designer could be, and is always willing to answer questions and provide help. Along with that knowledge is an incredible natural sense of design aspects, such as grid, hierarchy, color, and composition. Andy is most definitely one of the hardest working and skilled designers I know, and I would be glad to work with him anytime.

    Andy Nelson | Creative Designer | Sorenson Media

My Process

Users are the experts of your product, not you. I employ a user-centered approach to understanding your business and design challenges. Starting with research, through product design, to user acceptance.

1. Discover

Understanding your business and users is the first-step to creating useful and efficient design. I dig in to understand your business in three major areas.



First I begin with understanding the vision of key stakeholders and the value proposition for the business. Along with this I strive to understand what solutions the business has currently.



Analyzing competitors and the overall market a business is competing within is important for developing an appropriate design strategy.



Users are the heart of every business. Understanding how their needs and process requirements compete with business requirements is critical.

2. Define

I draw insights and connections based on collected research, analytics, and an overall understanding of the business and users.



I analyze the information acquired during the discovery phase, organizing and making inferences that help the design project succeed.


Problem Statement

I help you understand which key performance indicators can be addressed via design solutions.


Information Architecture

I strategically map out how new functionality will integrate or change the application’s current navigation and page structures.

3. Ideate

It’s all about translating high-level requirements into design artifacts and visual designs that make an impact.



After gaining an understanding of the problem, I utilize rapid ideation methods to quickly generate ideas and solutions for the defined problem.



I utilize an iterative process to develop low-fidelity sketches and wireframes in order to quickly explore ideas and workflows.



I create a lightweight testable implementation of the application allowing design assumptions and workflows to be tested with real users.


Visual Design

I bring the initial designs to life by incorporating the brand’s color scheme, iconography, and additional visual embellishments to aide users’ comprehension.

4. Measure

Just as important as understanding the needs and requirements is measuring goals and outcomes. I utilize the principles of the Google HEART framework as a systemic approach to measuring UX effectiveness.



I utilize surveys, ratings, and reviews to measure happiness of users and stakeholders.



Number of visits, session length and actions taken are key indicators of users’ engagement levels.



I measure adoption by tracking the number of users completing intake or using new features.



The number of users that continue to use an application versus the number of users that discontinue use allows me to measure retention rates.


Task Success

I measure task success by determining if a user has been able to complete their job with ease and efficiency.